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Powerful Thinking

Apr 11, 2022

Have you heard of one of these statements?

“Your energy flows to where your attentions goes.”

“You are what you believe.”

“You bring about what you think about.”

Your thoughts drive your behaviour, they are the key to forming your success.

The one thing that is the most important reminder for all my clients is…

“Focus on What You Want”

This statement is the key to your personal power and how you can change your whole world.

This powerful statement is so important in my coaching that it is in the Agreement of Commitment that all my clients sign.

It’s at the bottom of every single follow up email that I send to the client after every coaching session.

Yes, I take the time to follow up after every session with several reminders for each client.

First, I remind them of a powerful shift in their thinking during the session, then I remind them of their goals and the actions they agreed to take to reach their goals.

Finally, at the bottom of the email, I very clearly remind them to focus on what you want.

It is important is that you will need to stubbornly focus on what you want. The people who are the happiest over-all in life are those who recognize that you have a choice to focus on what you don't want or what you do want. You can focus on negative emotions and things that make you feel bad, or you can focus on positive emotions and things that make you feel good. It is your choice.


Remember, your intention is everything, so focus on what you want!

You can change your thinking today, by simply paying attention to what you’re thinking in every moment.

Yes, this takes practice.

Pay attention to your thoughts. Are you focusing on what you want or are you focusing on something bad happening.

Take a moment right now to simply pay attention to your thoughts.

When you shift your thinking to what you want to happen that is positive, you’ll discover that you feel happier.

Take a moment now and try it.

Soon, you’ll discover that your thinking changes to be more powerful and more serving of all that you want to create.

I believe that you have the potential inside of you to BE who you want to be, to DO what you’re passionate about and to HAVE the success you’re striving for. It’s in you.

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