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May 05, 2020

Too many people are suffering from anxiety, worry and fear right now.

Anxiety is a natural response to times when we feel threatened.

Here's what's happening. Your brain has evolved to protect you and keep you safe from attack. So, your mind and body are behaving the way evolution has programmed each of us to behave.

When you are under a real threat, then this fires your amygdala and your stress hormones which results in keeping you safe.

That's great when we are in the forest and we see a real threat, like a bear.

However, when you allow your thoughts to focus on threats and worry and fear of the unknown potentially happening in the future, then you stay in a constant state of hyper vigilance and this is not healthy for you.

So, anxiety is a warning from your unconscious mind to focus on the positive outcomes that you want in the future.

If you're feeling anxious, then change your thoughts and focus on the positive outcome.

In my work as a Mindset & Success Coach, I practice Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis.

I've seen incredible transformation in many clients using these tools. I want to share with you some tools and techniques that you can use today to reduce your anxiety, your worry and your fear of the unknown.

Watch the video leading you through a process on what you can do right now to reduce your anxiety.

Before I created this video, I only shared these techniques with my clients.

I feel strongly that I can no longer hang on to this when too many people are suffering.

My request of you...

If you know someone who needs to reduce their anxiety, worry, concern or fear in these times, please share this video with them.

Be well, stay strong and above all, focus on what you want and what you can control. Remember, keep your focus positive.

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