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She said WHAT?!?!

May 09, 2022

I can’t believe all the horrible things she said to me! I was outraged, hurt, sad, upset and so many other emotions.

How dare she say those horrible, mean, demeaning, nasty things to me?

What did I ever do to her to deserve such horrible treatment?

Let me know what you think about what she said to me:

  • You’re not smart enough to succeed
  • You’ll never do it on your own
  • You don’t know what you’re doing
  • Other people think you’re really dumb
  • Why on earth are they going to listen to anything you have to say?
  • You’re so not worthy of success or abundance or anything really

And that’s just a small sample of the hateful comments she made. They were coming at me so fast that I just walked away.

I used to believe all the nasty and vicious taunts. She had to be right, didn’t she?

After all, she knows me best. She’s been living in my head for my whole life.

You guessed it, that’s how my inner critic used to speak to me. She was really mean and she stopped me from doing so many things in life and in business.

I spent years sitting on the couch eating down my feelings. Stuffing down the shame and all the feelings of lack with chocolate, chips and cheese.

It’s her voice that stopped me from telling anyone that I was a certified coach. In fact, I had two coaching certifications for years before I had my first coaching client. Thinking back, I spent four long years not telling anyone that I was a certified coach. I didn’t have any clients. I didn’t tell anyone I could coach them to success. I just stayed invisible and kept eating to drown out her voice.

Today, I’ve stopped listening to her insidious and demeaning voice.

Today, she no longer has power over me.

Some days, she likes to poke her her nose where it’s no longer welcome and try to say mean things, but I no longer believe what she says.

Now, I let her know that I’m safe and protected and that I can do what I want. I stand up for myself, I show up and I speak up. Today, I’m happily coaching clients to their success and eating much less chocolate and chips. I will always enjoy some good cheese, but I’ve lost the desire for chocolate and chips.

Stop listening to that nasty inner voice in your head. She’s just trying to keep you safe and in your comfort zone. Let her know that you’re in a good place and that you would prefer that she remind you of all your successes and that if she does that, you’ll pay more attention to her.

She’ll change her tune. I know my inner voice certainly has.

I believe that you have the potential inside of you to BE who you want to be, to DO what you’re passionate about and to HAVE the success you’re striving for. It’s in you.

I provide high performance mindset shifts that transform your thoughts and beliefs using quantum linguistics and proven coaching techniques designed to blast your through your limiting beliefs, so that you release your inner bad ass and confidently take action to grow your business and your revenue.

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