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Understanding Trauma Responses: From Jumpiness to Mindful Awareness

Apr 08, 2024
Understanding Trauma Responses: From Jumpiness to Mindful Awareness

A few months ago, I had an eye-opening realization about my own reactions that led me down a path of self-discovery and healing. It all started with a seemingly innocuous scenario: my husband, who happens to be a trained ninja in ninjutsu, would enter the room while I was engrossed in watching television or cooking dinner, and I would experience an extreme jump or startle, a full-body reaction that felt overwhelming.

Concerned about this exaggerated response, I decided to address it directly with my husband. I asked him if he could make some noise before entering a room, so I wouldn't have such a strong physical reaction every time. Surprisingly, this simple adjustment started to work, and I felt relieved that I had found a solution.

However, as time went on, I delved deeper into understanding trauma and its effects. I enrolled in a course on neural linguistic programming (NLP) focused on clearing trauma and PTSD. During one of the sessions, I raised the question of whether feeling jumpy or easily startled could be linked to trauma. The facilitator's response was a definitive "Yes."

This revelation led me to explore further, and I came across the PTSD Checklist for DSM-5 (PCL-5), a tool designed to assess symptoms related to traumatic experiences. Question 18 on the PCL-5 directly addresses the issue: "Are you feeling jumpy or easily startled?" The connection between my physical reactions and trauma became clear.

Realizing that my jumpiness was a potential symptom of unresolved trauma prompted me to take action. Through the techniques I learned in the NLP course, I embarked on a journey of clearing past traumas. The results were transformative.

Upon returning home, I decided to test my newfound awareness. I asked my husband to playfully startle me, mimicking his ninja skills, to see how I would react post-healing. What I discovered was profound. While I still experienced a startle when caught off guard, it was no longer a full-body jump filled with fear and anxiety. Instead, it became a moment of heightened awareness, a signal to refocus my attention rather than a trauma-induced panic.

This shift in my response highlighted a crucial distinction: trauma responses engage the entire body, whereas genuine startles prompt a shift in focus without overwhelming physical sensations.

I share this personal journey not only as a testament to the power of clearing trauma using NLP but also as a reminder to pay attention to your reactions. How often do you find yourself feeling jumpy or easily startled? Is it a whole-body response rooted in past trauma, or is it a fleeting moment of surprise that redirects your attention?

Understanding these nuances can lead to greater self-awareness and pave the way for healing and growth. By recognizing and addressing your trauma responses, you can move towards a state of mindful awareness, where every startle becomes an opportunity to pause, assess, and choose your response consciously.

So, I invite you to reflect on your own experiences. How do you react when surprised? And more importantly, what can these reactions teach you about your journey towards healing and wholeness?


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